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Welcome to Scholarship Informer: The place that’s having real and honest conversations about paying for college.

From the first-time freshman to the adult learner returning to school, we believe in reducing the costs of college by earning scholarships.

Our Mission and Guiding Principles

At Scholarship Informer our mission is to make college affordable for everyone that wishes to attend.

Point. Blank. Period.

You can read about our guiding principles here. And just so you’re aware, we’re not going to spam you or sell your email address like a lot of other big scholarship sites out there. It’s about authenticity and transparency for us. You’ll hear from us if it’s something that can help you win scholarships.

Our Founder (We’re Run by a $150,000+ Scholarship Winner)

That’s me. My name is Gabrielle McCormick.

After a season-ending Achilles tendon rupture, my hopes of an athletic scholarship disappeared. Despite my disappointment, I began channeling my pain by studying a lot of successful students, making a lot of mistakes, and drinking a lot of green tea. Those efforts resulted in me earning well over $150,000 in scholarships and graduating from college DEBT-FREE. In addition, I now have scholarships paying for my doctorate degree.

I say none of that to brag, but to hopefully to show you what’s possible for your family. Truthfully, I do believe it’s possible for you.

Real Talk: By having real and honest conversations about scholarships, my hopes are that it saves one more family from the stress, overwhelm, and frustration that comes from paying for college. I want to share the things I’ve learned, what I wish I’d learned, as well as my mistakes, failures, and triumphs. I want you to know the truth about earning scholarships.

Our Students

Are you worried this “information” won’t work for you?

Here are just a handful of universities our students attend: Texas A&M University, Vanderbilt University, Seton Hall, Southern Methodist University, Liberty University, Hampton University, Texas Tech University, and we’ve even had a student from the University of the Virgin Islands. From Division I to Division III, public universities to private, undergraduate degrees to graduate degrees…we work with every level of college student.

My high school students range from being homeschooled to attending some of the largest high schools in the country.

There’s nothing I haven’t seen when it comes to scholarships. Plus, if I can earn scholarships after getting a late start to the process – I know you can too.

(You can read more on why I believe this here.)

Our Motto


When students walk across the stage, who owns their degree? For most – their college degree belongs to Sallie Mae, Navient, or the bank. Our goal is for students to walk across the stage in full ownership of what they’ve worked so hard for. We want students to own their degree.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Scholarship Informer. The Scholarship Informer Team and I really appreciate it.

If there’s anything we can do to help you earn scholarships to pay for college, please let us know!


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