Making college affordable for everyone.


Learn more about why Scholarship Informer was founded and why we care about your success.


The short version of why we care…

Because we’re on a mission to have real and honest conversations about paying for college.

From the first-time freshman to the adult learner returning to school, we believe in reducing the costs of college by earning scholarships. 

Real Talk with Gabrielle

By having real and honest conversations about scholarships, my hopes are that it saves one more family from the stress, overwhelm, and frustration that comes from paying for college. I want to share the things I’ve learned, what I wish I’d learned, as well as my mistakes, failures, and triumphs. I want you to know the truth about earning scholarships.

Our Mission at Scholarship Informer

At Scholarship Informer our mission is to make college affordable for everyone that wishes to attend. Point. Blank. Period.

From High School to Graduate School Students

Our students have won anywhere from $500 to full-ride scholarships. There’s nothing we haven’t seen when it comes to applying for scholarships at the high school, undergraduate, or gradate levels.

Our #1 Guiding Principle

To hold on to our belief that we are a part of something greater than ourselves. Your scholarship journey matters to the future legacies you’ll impact. We understand that we’re just a small portion of something greater.

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Tested and proven over time

I’m often asked, “How do you know so much about winning scholarships for college?”

Well, I’ve been applying for scholarships for over 12 years. You see, after my dreams of an athletic scholarship disappeared, I had no choice but to figure out how I was going to pay for college.

But during that time, I documented every single thing that worked… and what didn’t work. I became and am – obsessed.

I learned what would make a scholarship committee see why I was the best candidate; I discovered where my best-fit scholarships could be found online and on-campus; and I began to understand what system would work to save me a lot of time.

Today, I’m determined to teach what I know to everyone wanting to win a scholarship and avoid student loans.


The #OwnYourDegree Motto and Community

When students walk across the stage, who owns their degree? For most – their college degree belongs to Sallie Mae, FedLoans, or the bank. Our goal is for students to walk across the stage in full ownership of what they’ve worked so hard for. We want students to own their degree. Use this hashtag across social media to show your support and stance against student loans.

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