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Gabrielle McCormick
Having earned well over $150,000 in scholarships to pay for her bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, Gabrielle McCormick teaches students, parents, and education professionals from across the country about winning scholarships to pay for college. Between finishing her dissertation and watching the NFL and NBA, she runs Scholarship Informer in her efforts to make college affordable for anyone that wishes to attend.
Application Accelerators Scholarship Fast Track

How to Create a Winning Scholarship Application

From essays, recommendation letters, lists of achievements, resumes, and interviews, you or your student will stand out by figuring out the real purpose of the scholarship application and supplemental information.  Read More
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Profile Boosters Scholarship Fast Track

Developing Your Scholarship Profile

A Scholarship Profile is your navigation for finding and applying for scholarships. Ultimately, it’s the one thing you MUST have to earn scholarships. Read More
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Rapid Results Scholarship Fast Track

Staying Motivated While Finding and Applying for Scholarships

You can’t afford to quit when the going gets tough. Motivation and inspiration will help you on your journey, but you’ll need much more to sustain your success.  Read More
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Scholarship Fast Track

Protected: Navigating Scholarship Fast Track for Parents Video Access

As part of your Scholarship Fast Track Scholarship Success Toolkit, you have access to the Navigating Scholarship Fast Track for Parents Crash Course. Read More

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