Cut College Costs! Course for Parents: Day 2

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Lesson 1: How My Parents Helped Me Earn Over $150,000 in Scholarships

Back when I was in high school, I never imagined that I would be helping families find scholarships.

To be honest, I thought I would be playing in the WNBA – even at 5’5” (5’7” on a good day). I believed I would graduate from college with my degree being paid for by my athletic abilities. Man, was I wrong!

I never could’ve or would’ve imagined graduating debt-free with my bachelor’s degree early in the morning and my MBA later that day. Let alone entering my doctoral program 9 months later – fully funded…at the age of 23.

I tell you these things because at that time…it felt a lot like luck. To me, It seemed too unique to work for other families.

But then I…

  • Helped one homeschooled student earn a $500 scholarship
  • Helped others utilize their scholarship essays to get into their dream school
  • Was able to increase another student’s scholarship package by $26,000 dollars
  • and asked the right questions to the right people for one student to attend a Division I university for FREE

I finally realized that I had a system that others could use.

Are Scholarship Winners Just Lucky?

If you do something once, it may very well be luck or by accident. If you continue to do it with students, parents, and families from various backgrounds, the chances of knowing what you are doing are pretty good.

But here’s the thing that makes me upset…

Too many scholarship experts, scholarship winners, and “others”, aren’t helping families figure these things out. They’re not setting aside the time that’s necessary to show families how to do it.

Nobody was willing to have honest conversations with me and my family over the course of my senior year. Sometimes it’s more than just a simple 30-minute conference about affordability or an hour lecture after school. While my high school counselor was phenomenal, she couldn’t hold my hand every single step of the way. We had to figure it out on our own. Does this sound familiar?

The Thing My Parents Did That Made the Difference

My parents helped me earn over $150,000 in scholarships by understanding their role on my Scholarship Team. I knew what their strengths and weaknesses were and how to use that give me the best chance possible.

For example, my mom can be a stickler for the details, consistency, and formatting. My dad, on the other hand, knows a lot of people and spread the word by asking others where I could find scholarships.

As a parent, you need to understand where you can help your student the most.

Maybe it’s searching for scholarships online, doing a primary essay edit, attending courses like this one, or asking co-workers about scholarship opportunities.

Today’s Action Item

  • Honestly assess which strengths can be the most valuable to your student moving forward.

Tomorrow, I’ll cover: Scholarship Myths that Cost Families Thousands

Think about your skills between now and then. Also, post them below to inspire and encourage other parents enrolled in this course. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it ?

To your family’s scholarship success!