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Does any of this sound familiar…

“We don’t have the money to pay for college. How can we win scholarships?”

“We just need to know how to get started.

“We can’t find scholarships we qualify for!”

“Our family makes too much money according to FAFSA, so we won’t receive any aid.”

“I hate writing essays, but even if I did enjoy writing – I’m not sure what to include.”

“I’ve applied for a few scholarships, but never hear anything back from the committee.”

“All of this is overwhelming and stressful. I feel like we’re behind and running out of time.

If you answered YES…

you know how hard this can be alone, but it doesn’t have to be.

“Using your best practices and advice, my daughter executed and earned a paid summer internship valued at $6,000.”

Nicole, Parent of College Student

“So thank you Gabrielle for “lighting a fire under us” and giving me the information to help him in the right direction!!! I can’t tell you how many times I have recommended this program to people. Thank you again!!”

Alison, Parent of College Student

“Thank you! Claire just won a $1,000 artist development grant, and I was inspired to help her find two more scholarships written and submitted this week.”

Erica, Parent of High School Student

Our Students at a Glance


$500 to Full-Ride Scholarships

They’ve won anywhere from $500 to full-ride scholarships to attend the colleges of their dreams.


Division I to Division III

They attend small, rural or private colleges to large Division I universities and everything in between.


High School and College Students

They’re high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students.


All Majors, Minors, and Careers

They’re majoring in anything from zoology to accounting (and of course many others).

It’s about making sure that when you have a question about scholarships, you have a trusted, go-to resource to receive specific advice and information… designed for your family or unique situation.

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Watch short, step-by-step videos that focus on what’s working now to win scholarships.


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Use our winning scholarship resources to quickly find scholarships, write competitive essays, and submit the best applications possible.

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Work with our team of Scholarship Coaches to receive support, feedback, and advice on your scholarship applications whenever you need help.

“Gabrielle, sharing some great news. Noelle received a full academic scholarship to [The] University of Virginia. We appreciate all your help in getting us there.”

Neil, Parent of College Student

Additional Member Benefits Include

Exclusive Content

Member’s Only access to exclusive scholarship tips and information.

Scholarship Tracks

Advice on how to win based on your major, classification or grade, family, and more.


Access to downloads that can be used for essays, personal statements, and more. 


Check-ins to make sure you’re still on pace to get your applications out on time.

On-Demand Videos

Short, on-demand videos that make it easy to fit scholarships into your busy schedule.


Help for Parents

Support for parents that are helping their students find and apply for scholarships.


Stay on track with your scholarship activities with our handy checklists.


LIVE Office Hours

Valuable information and guidance with our Scholarship Coaches each week.  


Application Insight

Application breakdowns to understand exactly what each committee is looking for.

Ideas and Inspiration

Creative suggestions that help you stand out instead of fitting in with other applicants.



Simple ways to keep your applications and supplemental materials easily organized.

Chat Support

Ask questions and receive answers that are specific to your scholarship journey.

You want to remove the “guesswork” by knowing exactly what you should be working on, instead of wasting time searching through numerous websites, submitting essays with no results or responses, and remaining confused as to what a scholarship committee really wants.

Meet Your Lead Instructor, a Scholarship Winner

Gabrielle McCormick

Hi, I’m Gabrielle McCormick. I’ve spent the last several years of my life dedicated to figuring out how to win scholarships… and teaching everything I know to students and parents like you.

Today, after winning roughly $200,000 in scholarships to pay for my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I know that you can do the same. Are you ready to get started?


Step 1: Understand the Essay Editing Process

Why An Essay Editor is Important

A word of caution regarding using editors you know versus professionals.

Editors You Know


No Personal Scholarship Success

They’ve never won scholarships for their own college degree(s) or haven’t helped others achieve massive success.


Not Up-to-Date on Information

Most of the scholarship information that these individuals have is outdated. Even if they’ve won a scholarship before, some of the techniques and strategies they used are no longer effective or efficient.


Fail to Provide Honest Critiques

People you know are often afraid of hurting your/your student’s feelings by providing an honest critique. They also oftentimes overlook grammatical and mechanical mistakes or content and structure issues that impact clarity.

EDGE Elite Editors


Scholarship Winners and Experts

High School Counselors, English teachers, and Financial Aid Offices tell us that our services are far more superior to what they can provide.


Current Scholarship Knowledge

Our team of EDGE Elite+ Editors are trained on current scholarship techniques. They undergo a rigorous scholarship editing education to ensure that all student essays are of the highest quality.


Thorough and Helpful Feedback

An honest critique from our team of editors won’t leave you/your student feeling defeated. Instead, you’ll learn and be able to submit a competitive essay that you’re proud of. 

What Scholarship EDGE Elite + Editing Includes

Scholarship Essay Edits Each Month

Two (2) scholarship essay edits per month. Each essay can be up to 500 words with a turnaround time of 48 hours or two business days.

Essay Writing Check-Ins

Check-ins from our Scholarship Essay Editors to make sure you/your student isn’t stuck or experiencing writer’s block while writing.

Future Essay Creation Insight

Your Scholarship Essay Editor will be able to help you/your student create new scholarship essays from previously edited applications. This saves you time, but also keeps your applications competitive.

Personalized Essay Feedback

Feedback from your essay’s assigned Scholarship Essay Editor detailing areas of improvement to make your application more competitive.

Essay Editing Follow-Ups

Essay edit follow-ups keep you on track before you submit your application and answer any additional questions you have about your editor’s remarks.

Additional Aplication Assistance

Suggestions and ideas as you/your student work through other key pieces of the application to ensure it showcases you/your student as the committee’s ideal candidate.

Step 2: Join Scholarship EDGE Elite/Elite+ Today

Select the Plan That’s Best for You

From month-to-month to all year long, we’re here to support where you are in your scholarship process.

 Having a team of people focused on my individual scholarship success would’ve made it easier to go through the long process of finding and applying for scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

How likely is it that I’ll win a scholarship?

By law, we nor any other scholarship service/company in the world can guarantee that you or your student will win a scholarship. However, we can ensure that you’re equipped with all of the information that our Team of Scholarship Experts has acquired over the years to help thousands of students and parents.

I’m just getting started. Is it too early to become a Scholarship EDGE Elite member?

We recommend that students sign up as early as junior year of high school. It gives them a chance to begin learning and incorporating scholarship activities into their schedule before a hectic college admissions season. 

I’m already in college and have taken out student loans. Can I still win scholarships? Should I join?

Even if you’ve taken out student loans to help you pay for college, you can still win scholarships. In some cases, your scholarships can even go towards paying off any student loans or debt you already have. We can show you how to do this through membership.

What kind of majors or minors is Scholarship EDGE Elite best for?

Our members have a variety of majors, minors, and career paths. We also pride ourselves on being able to continue to add scholarship materials for specific career paths or combinations based on our members’ dreams and goals. 

Can parents become members?

Of course! We’ve taught parents how to help their students win scholarships with their Scholarship EDGE membership. With specialized learning tracks designed for parents, you’ll know exactly what to do to help your student(s) succeed.

What if I’m looking to go back to school? Will this work for me?

Membership is ideal for anyone that’s looking to win scholarships. Regardless of your age, major, race/ethnicity, or if you’re making a career change – we can help you.

Will this work if we’re homeschooling or if I’m a homeschooled student?

Yes! We’ve helped homeschooled students earn scholarships. Depending on your homeschooling structure/program, signing up with a fellow homeschooled student gives students additional motivation.

Once I become a member, do I get access to everything immediately?

Correct. Once you are logged in to Scholarship EDGE Elite, you’ll be taken to a dashboard with all of your member benefits and resources. From there, you’ll get started based on where you are right now in your scholarship journey.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

We try to make it as easy as possible, so all you’ll have to do is reach out to support before your next billing date to cancel your membership. Cancellation will then happen immediately. While we’ll hate to see you go, we understand that membership isn’t for everyone.

If I’m not sure if membership is right for me, where can I ask additional questions?

To ask additional questions regarding membership, feel free to use the blue chat feature in the bottom-right corner.  Don’t be afraid to be thorough; we want to make sure that you feel comfortable adding us to your Scholarship Team. Our Student Success Department will get back to you as soon as possible.

If I had to start my scholarship journey all over again, I would’ve used Scholarship EDGE Elite + Essay Editing. Why? Because there’s too much to keep up with by yourself. It’s too hard to know which scholarships are legitimate and which websites aren’t scams. And really, it’s just disappointing when you don’t hear from a committee and question your ability to actually win.

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Select the Plan That’s Best for You

From month-to-month to all year long, we’re here to support where you are in your scholarship process.

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