Scholarsship FAQs

Scholarship Basics

When do I need to start looking for scholarships?

Students can earn scholarships as early as kindergarten. If you don’t believe me, google “Doodle for Google Scholarship”. It’s a $30,000 scholarship for K-12 students for doodling. They’re not the only ones offering those types of opportunities. It’s never too early to start looking.

Plus, scholarships are due almost every day of the year. For that reason, there is no such thing as “scholarship season”, and you can begin to find or apply for scholarships as early as today.

How does the scholarship awarding process work?

Each scholarship is different. Some may award the scholarship within a couple weeks of the deadline while others may be months after.

Take notice of these deadlines as they will undoubtedly affect your scholarship planning.

I would hate for you to need scholarships this semester but primarily apply for scholarships that are awarded months from now. You’ll want to have a good mix of scholarships that are awarded at various points of the school year.

Checks and cash awards are either written directly to students, sent to the financial aid office or held until the student meets all awarding criteria.

Wondering how many scholarships you can ACTUALLY WIN?

Use our Scholarship Calculator to determine your chances.