Scholarship FAQs

Scholarship Time Management

Can I be successful by applying for only a couple of scholarships?

The short answer – No.

Scholarships are a numbers game. It’s difficult to discern what’s working and what’s not if you’ve only applied for a couple.

Think of it this way: You can’t expect to win a marathon if you’ve only been running a mile here and there.

It takes routine action to move closer to the results you and your family desire.

I’m currently a full-time student. How much time do I need to focus on scholarships to be successful?

The more you put into something, the better results you’ll achieve. You may not have an hour every day to allot to scholarships, but 15-30 minutes a day is realistic.

As the saying goes, “You make time for what you want.” How bad do you want it? Is spending a little of your free time on scholarships now worth not having to pay back student loans later? I believe it is.

You’ll get out of scholarships what you put in. Spending 20-30 minutes or more a day will help fast track your results.

I currently work full-time and have multiple obligations outside of my coursework. How much time do I need to focus on scholarships to be successful?

The better question is where can I find blocks of time in my schedule? I’m all for jotting notes in a mobile device when you’re busy, but this doesn’t compare to spending focused time on scholarship activities.

Instead of a daily approach, schedule periods of time throughout the week when you can work without any distractions.

Consider getting up 30 minutes earlier.

Attempt to hold off on watching a show.

Consider sacrificing a little time on social media, online, or participating in other distracting activities.

You have to decide where you can find the time to produce your best work.

What tools can I use to help speed up my scholarship process?

The fastest acceleration technique is working with a Scholarship Coach that will encourage you to make the best decisions possible. They’ll be able to guide you through specifics related to your unique Scholarship Profile, where to find your ideal scholarships, and how to submit competitive scholarship applications.

How much time, on average, would you suggest spending on scholarships each day, each week?

Initially, you’re probably going to invest more time as you learn the scholarship fundamentals. As you become more comfortable with scholarships and our Scholarship Informer philosophy, you’ll develop your own unique system.

Realistically, it’s not uncommon for our students to spend 20-30 minutes a day on scholarship activities. This equates to a few hours a week. More importantly, this investment in yourself reaches far beyond scholarships.

How can I be more consistent with my scholarship search and application process?

Great question! Consistency starts with having a system in place.

It’s not something that happens overnight but is built up over many weeks and months of actively finding and applying for scholarships.

In order to begin creating consistent behaviors, you’ve got to begin incorporating scholarships into your daily routine. Understand your potential pitfalls and devise a plan that pushes you past any distractions.

Consider using our Scholarship Calculator to help you determine a realistic plan.

Wondering how many scholarships you can ACTUALLY WIN?

Use our Scholarship Calculator to determine your chances.