Scholarship SAQs

Scholarship Terminology

What is a Scholarship System?

A Scholarship System is your plan for the scholarship process. A system helps focus your scholarship time and activities.

For example:

  • Every Tuesday you devote two hours to finding scholarships
  • Wednesdays are spent following up with your Scholarship Team and brainstorming scholarship essay topics
  • Fridays you take a break
  • Saturday mornings you complete applications.

Your System is unique to you and based on your schedule.

Develop a system that holds you accountable, but also allows enough flexibility for the things life throws at you.

What is a Scholarship Profile?

A Scholarship Profile is the building block for each applicant’s scholarship process. It guides how and where you find and apply for scholarships. A Scholarship Profile begins before a student is even born.

Without one, students overlook important scholarship opportunities and fail to properly position themselves in their scholarship applications.

What is a Scholarship Team?

A Scholarship Team helps you reach your goals faster, easier, and with less stress.

Your Scholarship Team is your personal cheerleading squad that will bend over backward to see you succeed.

They’re your accountability group that will make sure you follow through. You will automatically increase your chances by having a Scholarship Team because the number of scholarships you find and the quality of your applications skyrockets.

Who needs to be on my Scholarship Team?

  • A Trusted Confidant(s)
  • Academic Professionals (Professors/ Teachers/ Instructors/ Faculty/ Staff Members)
  • College and Career Advisors
  • College Financial Aid and Scholarships Professionals
  • Current College Students
  • Industry and Career Mentors
  • Scholarship Winners
  • Current Websites
  • and Current Resources

To find out the importance of each member, make sure that you review Building Your Winning Scholarship Team: How to Create a Team That Increases Your Chances under Scholarship Roadmap.


How do I know if a scholarship is legitimate?

We’ve identified several scholarship scams that families should be aware of. Take a look at this blog post that breaks down how to find and avoid each.

Wondering how many scholarships you can ACTUALLY WIN?

Use our Scholarship Calculator to determine your chances.