Scholarship SAQs

Scholarship Winners

What is the success rate of students and families that work with Gabrielle and the SI Team?

Students that have worked with your scholarship instructor, Gabrielle McCormick, have earned scholarships ranging from $500 to a FREE college education.

By law, we cannot guarantee anything, but we can ensure that you will receive all of the information Gabrielle used to graduate from college DEBT-FREE. Ultimately, your success is dependent on you. Make sure you’re taking advantage of everything your membership has to offer!

What do students that win scholarships do differently?

Winning scholarships requires having a consistent strategy that incorporates knowing what to do, how to do it, and the accountability to make sure that it gets done.

Most students lose hope, quit, or continue doing the same activities without any positive results.

Take a close look at the current system that you have in place. Compare it to the 10 Characteristics of Scholarship Winners found in the Scholarship Roadmap section.

How can I/my student become a scholarship winner?


1) Make sure that you’ve studied the material within Scholarships 101 and on the Start Here to Win Scholarships page.

2) Hold yourself accountable for your daily and weekly scholarship activities.

3) Continually monitor and assess your scholarship strategy so you are able to make any necessary adjustments.

4) Utilize your Scholarship Team and people that have already succeed at earning scholarships by asking questions.


Wondering how many scholarships you can ACTUALLY WIN?

Use our Scholarship Calculator to determine your chances.